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Kimberly Putman

Kimberly Putman Life Coach

As a professional life strategies coach, I help parents and other successful adults who feel overwhelmed by their schedules, underwhelmed by their personal and professional lives, and want help making significant changes. With additional certification in ADHD coaching, I also coach adults, teens and parents of teens with ADHD to build strategies for managing daily life and the challenges of having ADHD. Clients who work with me want to make progress with specific life, business, family and/or wellness goals, need help becoming "unstuck," and hope to gain more satisfaction in various parts of their lives. In short, they seek a happier and more well-balanced life.

Our Methods

Adult and Teen Life Coach

We offer research-based life, career, family, ADD and relationship coaching for adults, college students and teens. Our personal coaching style is based on listening without judgment and providing meaningful perspective in a way that is supportive and insightful.

Our life coaching methods include:

  • Clarifying goals, values and any barriers to success
  • Helping with the creation of new thought patterns
  • Providing a framework for designing an action plan
  • And finally, offering resources for information, skill building and strategy development.

Ann Parnes

Teen Life Coach

As a life coach, my objective is to help you live your definition of a fulfilled life. Together we will raise your awareness, explore your passions, discover your strengths and help you use them all to achieve your goals. With our work together, you will have more of what you want in your life and less of what you don’t.

During our sessions, we will tackle self-limiting beliefs that so often cloud the realization of personal goals. We will also work on the development of skills in such areas as self-confidence, respect for self and others, communication, decision-making, use of character strengths and gratitude.