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Frequently Asked Questions - General

FAQs - General
  • Comprehensive adolescent life coaching
  • Comprehensive adult life coaching
  • Family coaching for parent(s) and tween/teens
  • Career and college coaching and mentoring adolescents
  • Adolescent and adult ADHD coaching
  • Entrepreneurial coaching, business coaching and career coaching for adults
  • Results
  • Research-based coaching methods designed to facilitate significant change
  • Judgement-free atmosphere
  • Identification of strengths in order to increase efficiency, success and overall happiness
  • Clarification of personal values
  • Goal setting and attainment
  • Working together to break down barriers and overcome obstacles to success
  • Building personal resilience by helping clients increase self-esteem, self-compassion and self-awareness
  • Setting priorities and boundaries in a way that helps clients move towards balance
  • Developing systems of organization to help better manage responsibilities
  • Working with ADHD clients on prioritization, social skills, and over-all improvement at home, work and school
  • Co-designing action plans with specific points of accountability
  • Finding supportive resources to acquire the skills and tools needed to attain goals


  • Ann Parnes
    • BA from Tulane University
    • JD from Washington College of Law, American University
    • Life Coach Training, International Coach Academy
    • ICF Member
  • Kimberly Putman
    • BA from University of Texas at Austin
    • Wellness, Fitness and Nutritional Coaching Certifications from Cooper Institute
    • Life Coaching Strategies Certification, MentorCoach
    • Adult and Adolescent ADHD and Positive Psychology Certification, MentorCoach
    • ICF Member