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PPC Webinar

Career / Business Coaching

Investing in YOU by hiring a career coach pays off!  We tackle a myriad of issues relating to your career and the workplace including:

  • Visualizing and strategizing your path to advancement
  • Career transitions
  • Resume review and professional identity building
  • Performance (speaking, time management, organization, focus)
  • Interview preparation
  • Communication/office politics
  • Leadership skills
  • Management issues
  • Compensation and promotion negotiations
  • Women in the workplace
  • Personal life/career balance

Business Coaching

Do you have your own business?  Are you considering starting one?  Business coaching can help you with the following:

  • Start, restructure or reenergize your business
  • Clarify business vision and goals
  • Develop a focused plan to move your business forward
  • Manage and delegate teams more effectively
  • Become a happier leader
  • Identify and overcome personal and professional limitations
  • Gain awareness about fears that may be holding you back from larger successes
  • Personal/work life balance