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Family Coaching

Let our professional family coaches facilitate the creation of your optimal household by assisting you with:

  • Effective guidance for your teen in the areas of personal growth, social interactions, relationships, academic development and motivation
  • Unmanageable schedules, poor and reduced communication, misaligned academic expectations and a lack of overall life balance
  • Being an ally and confidant for your teen as he/she navigates the transition into adulthood
  • Creating techniques to better manage a household with ADHD individuals 

Family coaching offers several options to target specific family needs. Coaches can meet with just the teen, just the parent(s), or jointly

Tension in a household with adolescents is common. As professional family coaches, we can help!

For Parents:

  • Optimizing balance of work-personal lives
  • Projecting a realistic, healthy, and happy example for your teens to model
  • Aligning your academic expectations with your teen’s abilities and dreams
  • Setting rules and boundaries
  • Empowering your child through change-resolution techniques
  • Defining the real meaning of success for you and your teen
  • Building personal resilience in your child

For Teens:

  • Envisioning future and setting goals
  • Value exploration
  • Improving communication with your parents, friends and teachers
  • Maximizing use of personal strengths
  • Academic development
  • Decision-making
  • Dating and friendship issues
  • Peer and parental pressure
  • Wellness
  • Self esteem and self worth