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love and relationship coaching

Love and Relationships

Imagine having the loving, supportive, fun and romantic relationship you have dreamed about. Professional coaching can help!

Our certified coaches work either individually with a client, or with a couple.

For couples, we focus on areas that include:

  • Gaining awareness around emotional needs of self and partner
  • Assessing areas of strength and areas of improvement in current relationships
  • Increasing intimacy/connection and creating your optimal sex life
  • Improving communication between partners
  • Developing strategies for meeting one’s needs as well as partner’s needs
  • Making decisions regarding the future of the relationship

For singles, we often:

  • Explore ways of finding a potential love interest
  • Decrease internal drama for those in difficult situations
  • Identify important “red flags”
  • Examine unhealthy or otherwise sub-optimal relationships
  • Incorporate strategies to deal with painful break-ups
  • Establish strong foundations for creating intimacy